Russian Female Championship !


8th PGETC League C : Croatia

Live Commentary on 8th Pandanet Go European Team Championship League C : Against Croatia My opponent is : Matej Zakanj Pandanet account: maligo Rank: 4 dan Year of birth: 1994 The game itself was very hard for me because I played bad sequence on left side. After that I had to play more aggressive to catch up. Fortunately the opponent overplayed and he died ! At the end the difference was too big so he resigned. I had to stop recording at some point because of issues .

Student Level Up? Bermuda Triangle Net


In this teaching game my student Anton Boreiko EGF 2196 (2d) , played extraordinary move ! I call it bermuda triangle net, it is worth seeing this move.

Lukas Podpera vs Sinan Djepov ( Blitz – review )


The game is played on 2017-09-22 Black : Sinan Djepov aka YoungPro White : Lukas Podpera aka Lukan W wins Time setting : 3×20 byo-yomi Who is Lukas Podpera ? “Another smart young boy who started playing go at the age of 7 and has been dreaming of becoming a Pro since he was 10 years old. He has been interested in everything connected with go since his childhood and has been working very hard and seriously on his improvement. Nevertheless, he does not just concentrate on his own progress. Since being 16 years old, he is involved in teaching young players/kids in Czechia for whom he is a real hero.” article : I decided to share this game with you guys because we had very entertaining fight in the center where both of us played as severe as possible !

FineArt vs Ilja Shikshin 1:1 3 Handicaps

FineArt played versus Ilja Shikshin aka “roln” on FGS . 1st game – 15 September 2017 W+Res 2nd game – 19 September 2017 B+Res ” Ilja Valerievich Shikshin (Илья Валерьевич Шикшин, born May, 7th, 1990) is EGF-professional Go player since 2015 and 4-time European Champion. ” ( Also current 2017 European Champion) “FineArt, also known as JueYi?: the English rendering of its Chinese name 绝艺, is a strong go program developed by Chinese tech company Tencent following AlphaGo’s appearance and demonstration of the power of deep learning techniques in early 2016. Within a year it reached strong professional level and was the first user to be awarded 10 dan on the Fox Go server for its high win-rate against top 9 dans. It won the 10th UEC Cup and was widely seen as the 2nd strongest AI after AlphaGo but only finished 3rd in the 1st World AI Go Open: losing to CGI in the preliminaries and then DeepZenGo in the knockout. ” / Information : Both games are full of fighting spirit( kiai ), in the second game which Ilja Shikshin won, he played very beautiful wedge tesuji which is worth to be seen !

Small knight’s move !

Review on game against 8D on Fox Go Server( FGS )

Black: drug28 ( me )

White : mado07

I choose to review this game because I played interesting knight move( keima ) on top right corner which was popular a while ago. That keima move was played against me once and I was curious how to deal with it, I did asked Zhao Baolong( CEGO teacher in EGF Academy), here I am going to show you how to deal with it. Also on lower right I put pressure on white and I won the game, there I did use a ”bump move” which Hayashi Kozo, 6p, Japan showed at EGC Oberhof 2017 . Both moves in the game were successful !

OSR Simultaneous Event Review

AlphaGo Flexibility!

Trick move that will trick you even if you’re aware?

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