FineArt played versus Ilja Shikshin aka “roln” on FGS . 1st game – 15 September 2017 W+Res 2nd game – 19 September 2017 B+Res ” Ilja Valerievich Shikshin (Илья Валерьевич Шикшин, born May, 7th, 1990) is EGF-professional Go player since 2015 and 4-time European Champion. ” ( Also current 2017 European Champion) “FineArt, also known as JueYi?: the English rendering of its Chinese name 绝艺, is a strong go program developed by Chinese tech company Tencent following AlphaGo’s appearance and demonstration of the power of deep learning techniques in early 2016. Within a year it reached strong professional level and was the first user to be awarded 10 dan on the Fox Go server for its high win-rate against top 9 dans. It won the 10th UEC Cup and was widely seen as the 2nd strongest AI after AlphaGo but only finished 3rd in the 1st World AI Go Open: losing to CGI in the preliminaries and then DeepZenGo in the knockout. ” / Information : Both games are full of fighting spirit( kiai ), in the second game which Ilja Shikshin won, he played very beautiful wedge tesuji which is worth to be seen !