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Tencent AI (FineArt) Sequences in handicap play!

Hello !

I am going to show you some sequences that I find interesting in Tencent AI handicap games in FGS. At the time that I am writing this article the first account has result of 68W/22L and the second account has 19W/12L .

The opponents are rated as 9D on FGS but some of them have been 8D for quite a while. Still to me it is pretty impressive that it can give up to 4 handicaps and still win.

First example is of 3 handicap game which you can download in SGF here

Pretty normal development although I don’t like black slide at 4, also black could have blocked on the other side instead of 12, but probably it is matter of choice. We can say that the development up to 16 is pretty much fine. There are quite big points right now on the board to play but this is something that I find pretty interesting, white started playing on lower left which is a bit slow.

Black played tenuki and left white to connect, I think white just likes it when black has weak group, white invaded and made successful sabaki at top left. It’s hard to say if white play was too slow or it is okay because it is looking forward to attack black later.. White lost this game finally.

Second example: This game is 3 handicap again and Tencent AI wins it -> SGF

Invasion at 2 was interesting and white starts fight with 15, it is pretty normal because white has to make use of his wall. They get into running fight and black puts pressure with 34. And now is the time for white to show some beautiful sequences starting with this attachment :-))

It’s hard to say if black 36 was overplay, but after white got 39, white seems like getting the corner!

White extends at 45 to secure his connection and to get 49, the corner is completely killed.

Black took the point at 50 and looked like black result is not that bad, but then white started fighting with 51 ! I totally didn’t expect to immediately connect there.

The following variation happened and then white took the shoulder hit, amazing sequence. Intense game, finally white won it.

Third example: 4 handicap game, TencentAI won it ! -> SGF


2017-07-20 01_56_53-Game records - kentt [9D] (B) vs. 绝艺指导A [9P] (W) - 4 handicap - W+ Res


The fuseki of this game was ”a bit ” strange..

First of all I did not expect white to take san-san point, jumping or double approach would have been something I thought I will see.. It just feels strange that it is 4 handicap game against strong player and white takes san-san so early and wins.


I am not sure about black’s move, isn’t something like one space high pincer better?

Move 16 was even more weird.. followed by 18 too.. and then 24 was too passive, I believe black should play kosumi, defend at 26 seems passive too, I would rather play a move on lower side or put pressure on stone 25. Black played overconfident because of 4 handicaps and ended up losing.

White started fighting with move 29 and result from move 30 to 38 was somehow forced sequence because black didn’t play hane at 34 at move 30. White gets outside with 37 so I guess white is happy.

That what was interesting to me in this game was that later white connected at 83 ! Such a good move!

Black got the hane but white secured points on the bottom side ! Very nice plan indeed.

Later some exchanges happened and white is winning this game easy.. black tried to reduce and white just attached! I love this tesuji.





Intense fight against another 8D?

Ke Jie trying to give 2 handicaps?

So it seems Ke Jie has also tried a few games giving 2 handicaps to other pros, and winning some of them (it’s either 3wins and 3 losses or 3 wins, 2 losses and a draw)!

EDIT: sina says its 5 wins 1 loss

Ke Jie himself said before that the difference between pros is less than komi, and he doubted he could give 2 handi to any pro. But he’s done it!

(Gu Li: I happened to see 22-game-winning-streak student is playing a game online. Just as I was thinking the game was quite even, I looked again to see that it was a 2 handicap game! Looks like brother “half human half dog*” no longer feels like playing even games against pro players.

Ke Jie’s comment below: AlphaGo made me realize that there’s no impossible in go)

*Go sounds like dog in chinese, and with deepzengo, alphago etc, dog became the name for go AI in chinese, pretty much.

This is the post that you can find here.

I don’t know if we can be sure it is Ke Jie, but if it is him then It’s quite amazing.

The games are quite intense, here is one example:

White tries to remove black’s base and after few moves of patience he peeps and goes after his group !

Black tries to escape but suddenly after few more moves, he dies !

The SGF you can find here

I tried to take a look at some of his games, I have to admit that they were quite intense and one of the games had so many Ko’s , just so beautiful to watch !

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