For a game with review ( we do not leave the review until we looked at everything significant) :

7 for 10 min/30 sec-byoyomi

10 for 30 min/45 sec-byoyomi

15 for 60 min/60 sec-byoyomi

For a lecture on a topic you chose, I show theory and real examples from high dan or professional games including showing similar positions or ideas :

7 per lesson 1 hour each

10 per lesson 1 hour 30 min up to 2 hours each

For a game review in SGF :

5€ per game with detail explanations, mostly focusing on efficiency and strategy, I do like to give you ideas and to make you more creative, other than that, I teach you how to calmly kill your opponent.



I accept payments by Paypal, If you have any questions contact me please by email or KGS ( YoungPro)